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Optimus is currently seeking sharp, motivated, friendly and hard-working individuals for the position of RUNNER in our Client Services department. We have a few slots to fill.

This is a paid 5 day a week entry-level position, lasting for a four-month term. This next session will run from roughly September thru December.

Responsibilities include stocking, running errands, relief reception and general client services support throughout our production and post-production facility.

A great attitude is a must and an interest in advertising/production/post-production is a bonus. Experience in the hospitality industry is also beneficial.

We will be accepting applications from July 31st thru August 11th. Interviews will follow, with hiring to be completed by early May.


Today's creative community requires flexibility. Dependable freelance talent allows us to take on jobs when we are already busy, and take on jobs that demand extra help beyond what we have available. We love building relationships with talented creatives and we are happy to bring in people who help us deliver amazing work to our clients.
  • 2D/3D Motion Designer
  • Applicants with 2-5 years of professional experience in design and animation are preferred. Students and entry-level artists should steer their portfolios to our internship program.

    Proficiency in After Effects and/or Cinema 4D is a must. Maya, Real Flow or Final Cut experience is a bonus. Show us your talents by sharing your [required] online reel. Don't be shy about your specific strengths - alert us to your prowess in character animation, typography, photo-real CGI, etc. You must be able to work quickly and take direction from Optimus leaders and clients. While we love meeting new people, we'd much rather rely on (and continue to call on) people we like and trust. Divas need not apply. Please include your general day rate and any other considerations you think may apply.

  • Styleframe Artist
  • Applicants with 2-5 years of professional experience in concept art and storyboarding are preferred.

    We are looking for people who are able to help tell a "story" with a single image or a short series of images. An online portfolio is required. Because many of our clients are telling "brand" stories, you must be able to find creative ways to showcase the artistic side of a brand. Artists should be able to work independently or remotely, but on occasion on-site work might be required. Please be specific about how you prefer to work, about when you are comfortable showing works-in-progress, and your general pace for turning around work. Artists should be expected to work quickly and to take direction from Optimus leaders. Please include your rates and any other considerations you think may apply.

  • Assistant Editors
  • Applicants with 2-3 years of professional experience working as an Assistant Editor within a commercial post-production facility are preferred. Students and entry-level editors should steer their inquiries to our internship program.

    We are always looking for creative, smart and highly motivated aspiring Editors. Proficiency in Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere and After Effects is a must.

    Duties include assisting Editors, and other Assistant Editors, on all manner of creative editorial projects, primarily for agency clients. Responsibilities include transcoding multiple HD file formats, logging and loading of dailies footage, rough cutting, graphic creation and integration, music and sound design acquisition, web encoding/posting, finish prep, and fostering close communication with post producers and other post operators regarding project workflow, schedule and priorities. Client service and rapport is also crucial part of the job.

    In sum, the position requires the ability to multi-task, deliver under pressure, communicate effectively and to play well with others. A positive attitude and a sense of humor go a long way too.

    Please note: Freelance terms vary greatly depending on the current project workload and staffing needs.

General Employment Info

We are always on the lookout for creative talent who want to do the best work of their careers in the greatest city in America, Chicago.

Experienced professionals looking to introduce themselves to us may do so by emailing .